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 Commercial Claims

​​​​​​​​​Commercial Claims

The Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Department at the Department of Economic Development has established the Business Protection Department which is competent with providing the local commercial dispute settlement service in Dubai, whether by intermediation or by other amicable settlement methods as stipulated by rules and bylaws.
The Business Protection Department also aims at spreading the culture of proper commercial dealing among traders in the Emirate and to educate them on the laws and procedures required to create a mutual safe trading environment for them.



Regulating mutual dealings of commercial companies and resolving their disputes are among the most important duties of the Business Protection Department, as well as educating the business sector on the laws and procedures observed; this is achieved by developing awareness programs for traders, i​n addition to the economic studies which concern the Emirate's business sector.


Acceptance of Compl​aint​

  • Dispute shall be commercial in nature.
  • The defendant shall be a trading establishment/company registered at the Department of Economic Development in Dubai.
  • The dispute shall not have been determined or in the process of being heard before any other judicial/legal/administrative authority.​


Advantages of Filing a Complaint with the Economic Development Authority

  • Complaint will have an official character
  • Expeditious and flexible determination of cases within 10 business days


​ ​

Requirements of Filing Complaints

  • Providing a copy of the documents which evidence veracity of the claim.
  • A non-refundable complaint examination fee​ of AED ​2020 must be paid. 
​ ​ ​


Dear Trader:

Upon purchasing products in commercial quantities or contracting to obtain a commercial service for your trading establishment, please be keen to:

  • Document the contractual relation by virtue of a clear and detailed contract made according to the rules and laws enforced in the country.
  • Ascertain legal status of the company you will be contracting with by obtaining a copy of the commercial license or inquire about logging on to the web site of the Department of Economic Development/Electronic Services for companies registered in Dubai or their affiliates.
  • Ensure that the specifications of the received product conform to those mentioned in the bill/contract.
  • It is preferable to transfer the value of goods through banks; secure your dealings through bank letters of credit to guarantee your rights.
  • Be keen to keep all contracting papers and correspondence to guarantee your right.


Communication Channels

  • By phone: Call ​+971 600545555 or + 971 4 4455555 and register the commercial complaint.
  • Correspond with us by email​

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